When it comes to print media, the generation gap is clearly seen in where they find their information - a physical copy of a newspaper or magazine—or online. 

Above the Fold Host Holly Spangler spoke with Successful Farming's Digital Content Director Natalina Sents Bausch in Part Two of "The Future of Print" Podcast series. Bausch shares how young, ag journalists are finding new ways to strike the right balance of presenting  content—and appease their entire audience at the same time.  





July 16, 2022

The Future of Print

Farmers have been reading farm magazines and newspapers for nearly 200 hundred years in the U.S. They hold those beloved magazines in their hand, even calling some the “Bible of Agriculture.”

In a world where more and more readers are finding those stories online, what does the future hold for print media in agriculture?

Listen as Host Holly Spangler speaks with ACN Incoming President and Contributing Editor for The Furrow Bill Spiegel.

It takes a whole lot of work, a small amount of magic, and a dash of good luck to prepare—and pull off—the Agricultural Media Summit.

However, ACN Board Member Kenna Rathai has memorized the recipe for success.

She's a part of the 2022 AMS Steering Committee, but for more than a decade. Rathai volunteered as a staff member to create a memorable AMS experience for fellow colleagues and attendees.  

Listen as Rathai tells Podcast Host Holly Spangler how the committee anticipates attendees' needs a year in advance, and why the 2022 conference will be right "on point."

In the final episode of Above the Fold's "What I Wish I Knew in My 20s" Podcast series, Host Kelsey Litchfield chats with "twenty-something" Emily Roden. 

Roden was introduced to the world of agriculture by her mom. She then found herself crafting a career in the ag comms industry. However, as Emily describes, it didn't come without some challenges, like quitting her job without another one lined up.

Listen as Emily shares how she learned to overcome obstacles and adapt her skillset throughout many different industries. 

“I was Terrified, But I Knew I was Going to Do It Anyways” with Rachel Peabody


Rachel Peabody is the director of communications at Illinois Soybean Association, and she always knew from a young age she wanted a career in agricultural communications. Rachel started on the journalism track in college but quickly found her passion for public relations. In this episode, she shares insight into her journey and how each step strategically built her career.


In this episode, Rachel shares:


  • Why you should take the opportunity that gets you started
  • How to build a well-rounded communication skillset
  • The risk of moving outside your comfort zone
  • Achieving a Masters Degree


"Be diligent in every situation ... apply yourself."

A freelance writer and photographer, and owner of HLensPhotos, ACN Board Member Harlen Persinger's pictures have been published in multiple ag media publications across the U.S. and internationally.

Harlen has achieved the title of ACN "Master Photographer" three times and earned the organization's Lifetime Achievement Award, among many other accolades.

In this episode, Harlen reflects on his career, international travels, and lessons he learned along the way. He also reveals why you should never give up on a photo, the importance of practicing your craft, how to be diligent in every situation and apply yourself, plus how to capture eye-appealing photos. 

Listen now...


"You Might Be Rejected First, But Keep on Trying." 

In part one of the "What I Wish I Knew in My 20's" ACN Podcast Series, Past President Betsy Freese shares some of the challenges of starting a career. 

Freese recently retired after working more than 30 years at Successful Farming in print, radio, and television.

In this episode, Betsy shares:

* How she learned to be direct and assertive in her career

* The importance of pitching ideas to your boss

* Why you should always respect comments that are off the record

* Why being bored in your job falls on you

Listen as she describes how these tips provided learning experiences and beneficial opportunities that created a long, successful career in the ag comm industry. 

The secret is out! The ACN Podcast is undergoing some major renovations—some we can tell you about, and some that will have to wait. 

Listen as new Podcast Co-Hosts ACN Past President Holly Spangler and ACN Member Kelsey Litchfield fill you in on the big changes making news "Above the Fold."

Striking out on your own can be an exciting and scary time for freelancers and new business owners. 

In this Podcast Playback, Roan Marketing and Communications Owner and ACN Freelance SIG Chairwoman Kellie Lasack shares her journey being a freelancer and a full time business owner—including tips on how to manage multiple projects, reach out to potential clients, and overcome inevitable obstacles. 

February 17, 2022

Is History Repeating Itself?

Media ethics remain a big concern for consumers - and for journalists. In this episode, DTN Editor-in-Chief Greg Horstmeier and University of Illinois Ag Comms Professor Dr. Owen Roberts,, discuss the history of ethics. They also talk about the blurry lines of advocacy vs. journalism, the issues of a 24/7 news cycle and information overload, plus, the need for professional ethics statements and documents, and more.

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