For the first time in two years, AAEA Members and special guests will meet in person at the Ag Media Summit in Kansas City, Missouri! The conference will take place at the Loews Hotel, July 31-August 4. On this episode of the Ag Communicators Network Podcast, AMS Steering Committee Chairwoman Jennifer Carrico gives us a sneak peek at some of the event's highlights, including new conference sessions, key networking meet-and-greets and exciting ceremonies and celebrations! Stay tuned!

It can take less than one minute for a single post to go viral—either boosting an organization's reach to new audiences, or sparking a heated discussion and discontent within a group. Getting comfortable with the reality of that potential discomfort is just one of the many components of being a part of the social media world.

AGDAILY Managing Editor Ryan Tipps shares some suggestions for creating conversational content that engages audiences in discussion, while acknowledging differing opinions.

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Agriculture and Race: The complexities of rhetoric and reaction

The relationship between cancel culture and agriculture: It's complicated

Burger King's ad is blowing up in the ag community—and not in a good way

The power of social media: Burger King tours real agriculture

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Food Science Babe: @foodsciencebabe

The Grateful Farm Wife: @thegratefulfarmwife

Mary Pat Sass (formerly the Millennium Farm Wife):@marypat.sass



Journalists compete with hobbies, family, technology and other interests to grab their audiences' attention, especially since we're living in the "age of distraction." In this episode, award winning Writer and Photographer Holly Spangler shares her strategies for creating content that resonates with her readers. She is an executive editor with Farm Progress, senior editor of Prairie Farmer and was named an AAEA “Master Writer” in 2005 and 2015. Holly was also past president of the Ag Communicators Network in 2014.

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Interview Tips

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The "Voice of Agriculture" retires

Why aren’t land values in the tank?

Could climate change be good for Midwest agriculture?

The combine in the living room

Beware the rural outrage cycle


NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Skimm’d from the Couch

It’s been just about a year since most of us have had a chance to gather for a group event. Uncertainty still remains as to if, and how, in-person meetings will take place. In this episode of the Ag Communicators Network Podcast expert event planner Tina Bowling shares how her clients are planning events for the coming year. Tina is the president of Innovative Association Management Solutions (IAM Solutions) and is the new conference manager for the Ag Media Summit.


January 20, 2021

What’s in a Name

What’s in a name? Everything. Award-winning photographer Katie Knapp talks about how she chose her business name – The Ag Photographer—and used a branding consultant to refine her business. In this episode of the Ag Communicators Network Podcast, Katie shares her insights on why freelancers need to establish a brand—a message that is deeper than a logo and a website.

Katie’s COVID photography project

A brand is more than a logo, website and customer service. It’s an experience based on intangible factors like emotion, authenticity and human connection that differentiates one business from another. In this episode of the Ag Communicators Network Podcast award-winning freelance writer and photographer, Martha Mintz shares the strategies she has used to brand her business and keep a full book of work.

Links to article and photos:

T-Bones and T-Rexes


Update to T-Bones and T-Rexes



Corral Creek Communications (Martha Mintz) - 507 Photos - Writing Service - 59102 (

October 21, 2020

Celebrating 100 Years

The Ag Communicators Network is celebrating 100 years of serving the ag media industry. In this episode, AAEA President Gil Gullickson, and past presidents JoAnn Alumbaugh and Gregg Hillyer reminisced about their early days with the association. The trio highlighted several of AAEA’s greatest accomplishments and emphasized that good storytelling always has been and will remain central to the ag media industry.

September 16, 2020

The Ethics of Branded Content

Sponsored or custom content offers exciting opportunities to get creative through video, audio and web projects. As with print advertorials there has to be a clear line between editorial and sponsored content. In this episode, Justin Davey, the Editorial Content Director for the Meredith Agrimedia Custom Studio and Greg Horstmeier, Editor-in-Chief of the Digital Newsroom at DTN, share the processes their companies use to ensure readers know when content is supported by advertisers.

Today we sat down with Gil Gullickson, AAEA President, and talked about the writing technique he used in his award-winning article, Yours, Mind and Ours, the 2020 International Federation of Ag Journalists AgTech Reporting Award. Read more about this award winning article here,

May 20, 2020

Adapting to Change

Media businesses are having to adjust to a “new normal” amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In this episode, Progressive Farmer Editor in Chief, Gregg Hillyer, Chuck Zimmerman of ZimmComm New Media and Barb Anderson, a freelancer who owns Anderson & Associates, share how they have adapted their business models in response to COVID-19 while offering tips for forging ahead. 

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