July 16, 2022

The Future of Print Pt. 1 With Bill Spiegel

Farmers have been reading farm magazines and newspapers for nearly two hundred years in the U.S., holding those beloved magazines in their hands and even calling some the “Bible of agriculture.”

In a world where more and more readers are finding those stories online, what does the future hold for print media in agriculture?

That’s the question our new podcast series is delving into with host Holly Spangler. She and Bill Spiegel, contributing editor for The Furrow and new ACN president, dive right in for this first episode.


They share:

  • How they saw farm magazines used, growing up on their respective farms
  • What their first editors taught them: write like your reader has something better to do than read your words, then make every word count
  • How their writing has changed in 25 years
  • The way farmers respond emotionally to print and digital stories
  • Where farmers are going for news and information, by age




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